Leak test and flow test equipment "all in one"


A touch of innovation
The new T8997 leak tester was designed with the idea of combining two different types of measurement in a single instrument, making it suitable for leak tests and flow tests.
The new video controller “ForTest MMI” brought a superior level of human-machine interaction, thanks to an innovative capacitive panel in tempered glass, around a splendid 6.2” colour display.
Parameter programming is much faster thanks to the new numerical keyboard integrated in the menus, and the big display makes viewing even clearer of the test cycle.
The main screen also enables interaction with shortcut functions, such as test program change, "smart" test archive menu and locking/unlocking using a password.


6.2” colour display Test graphic Full area touch screen Extended programming keyboard
Limitless connectivity.
The new T8997 equipment includes ports for the USB slave, RS232, RS485, Can bus, TTY, Profinet and EtherCAT. Assembly may also include an optional Ethernet port and a 26-pole connector with 4 inputs and 8 outputs, which are completely programmable, for interfacing with the external valves, safety barriers, switches, etc...
The front panel has a master USB port assembled on it for connection to a USB key to save the tests conducted, backup/restore parameters and upgrade tool firmware.
The connection to thermal printers, barcode/data-matrix readers and markers takes place automatically using an internal menu.
USB key High power outputs RS232, RS485, Can, TTY , Profinet , EtherCAT Ethernet and auxiliary connector

Always better measurements.
T8997 contains two different technologies, the measure with absolute pressure drop and mass. The first one is suitable for the detection of micro losses, while the second one is created for the flow test.
This instrument is suitable for tests in the GAS sector (gas ramps, injectors) and medical (bags, lters, etc ...).
The two measurements work individually and not simultaneously, and it is possible to program automatic sequences directly from the instrument panel.

The test cycle was further accelerated thanks to processor and coprocessor interaction, maintaining the reliability that has always made ForTest unique.
We can say with certainty that T8997 avails of the most advanced measurement section in the world, thanks to the centring technology in windows and the double Faraday optical-isolated cage, which reduces the settling times under 18 ms.
This gives a real measurement resolution of 0.1 Pa at 1 bar (0.5 Pa at 6 bar), stable and noise-free.

Built-in processor and coprocessor Centring technology in windows Resolution from 0.1 Pa

Optimised pneumatic section.
Assembly of the latest generation solenoid valves has enabled a 30% increase in the filling speed compared to the previous model, maintaining reliability unaltered over time. Our tools do not require expensive maintenance in the pneumatic department. Actually, our objective is to make them increasingly reliable and long-lasting.
Filling speed +30% High strength against humidity No periodic maintenance

Innovative design.
What appears to be a simple design exercise, in fact hides an in-depth study to make use and understanding of the tool as simple as possible.
The front panel is made of a single sheet of tempered glass and aluminium, which makes it extremely easy to clean, making the T8997 suitable for use in the laboratory and on the production line.
The extensive internal menus are easy to understand and the graphic interface was designed to only display important information.
Everything is exactly where it should be.

User-friendly interface Easy to clean Use in sectors at 360°


Model 0-1 bar 1-2 bar 2-6 bar
Accuracy Dp 0,5% RDG+3DGT 0,5% RDG+3DGT 0,5% RDG+3DGT
Range of measurements Dp 0-65 mbar 0-65 mbar 0-65 mbar
Resolution Dp 0,001 mbar 0,002 mbar 0,005 mbar
Direct pressure accuracy 0,5%FS 0,5%FS 0,5%FS
Direct pressure measurement range 0-FS 0-FS 0-FS
Direct pressure relief 0,1 mbar 0,1 mbar 0,1 mbar
Accuracy measuring loss in cc/’ 1%RDG+0,03cc/min 1%RDG+0,03cc/min 1%RDG+0,03cc/min
Measurement range in cc/’ 0-10 cc/min 0-10 cc/min 0-10 cc/min
Measured measurement resolution in cc/’ 0,01 cc/min 0,01 cc/min 0,01 cc/min
Flow measurement range 0-20 l/min 0-20 l/min 0-20 l/min
Flow measurement resolution 1 cc/min 1 cc/min 1 cc/min
Flow measurement accuracy 3%RDG+0,1 FS 3%RDG+0,1 FS 3%RDG+0,1 FS
Measure unit mbar, bar, psi, mmHg, mmH2O, Pa, HPa, cc/min, cc/h, pressure/s.
Dimensions 270X160X300 mm
Weight 9 kg
Display size 800x280 pixel
Operating temperature range 5-40 °C
RS232 ports 2
RS485 ports 1
“master” USB port 1
“slave” USB port 1
Ethernet port Optional
I/O signals Start, Stop, Filling, Test, Good, Reject, 4BCD
Auxiliary I/O signals (optional) 8 output programmable, 4 input programmable, 4BCD
Number of programs 300
 Test archive memory Advanced
Password block Yes
Program name Yes , 16 characters
Reference normatives EN 61010-1, EN61326-1 / EN61326/A1, EN61000-3-2 / EN61000-3-2/A14, EN61000-3-3 / EN61000-3-3/A1, EN61000-4-2 / EN61000-4-2/A1, EN61000-4-3 / EN61000-4-3/A1 / EN61000-4-3/A2, EN61000-4-4, EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-11, EN1779


  • External exhaust solenoid with protection filter
  • 3 way pneumatic valve
  • Pilotage solenoid
  • 5 way Pneumatic valve
  • External start button
  • External start/abort pushbutton
  • External pushbutton 4 programs selection
  • Start pedal
  • Barcode reader
  • Adhesive label for printer 4500pcs
  • Aux signals extension cable
  • Venturi Vacuum generator
  • Air filter
  • Staubli male connector
  • Precision micrometer nozzle
  • Micrometer nozzle
  • M series manager software
  • TTY
  • Serial protocol
  • Electrovalve group "cylinder's" type with filter
  • PC serial cable owner ---> M Series
  • External temperature probe
  • 3-way pneumatic valve with pilot valve
  • MIXER-07
  • Software Data Manager
  • Staubli female fitting
  • Thermal printer with peel-off
  • Thermal printer without peel
  • Adapter cable AUX M Series ---> ET Series
  • Remote Start / Abort / Good / Reject
  • Air filter 5 micron

  • Interior exhaust valve
  • Pneumatic filling fast
  • Pneumatics with micro electro valves
  • Kit sniffer Hydrogen H2
  • Frontal connector for Staubli calibrated leak - (STANDARD)
  • Frontal precision pressure regulator
  • Electronic pressure Regulator
  • Auto zero primary pressure circuit
  • Positive test and negative test
  • Pre-Filling
  • Waiting Primary pressure reading
  • Secondary Output of Waste (third result)
  • Barometric measurement
  • Leak Analog Output
  • I/O 24 Vdc expansion signal card
  • Bi-manual logic Start Input
  • Ethernet plug/TCP-IP
  • Active USB port - (STANDARD)
  • WI-FI connection
  • Radio remote control selection Kit
  • High resolution measure - (STANDARD)
  • Capacitance meter for piece volume measure
  • Double branches of pre-regulated pressures
  • Dynamic Offset Correction
  • Profinet Interface
  • EtherCAT Interface

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